Wednesday, December 31, 2008

"This must be it, welcome to the New Year"

Thought I'd sneak one in before 2009.

So things have been moving along pretty fast. Christmas break feels like it just started but I'm going back to DSM the weekend of the 10th to hopefully work, but either way to not be at my gets boring after a while. So twin cities kids who want to hang out before then-lets do it.
On the 22nd my grandpa passed away. It was a strange feeling since he had Alzheimers for at least 5 years. My extended family all came into town the day after Christmas and we had the funeral on Monday. It was weird, and I felt kinda bad, but I was so much more sad at my grandpa's mass than I was at my grandma's this past spring. Apparently all my relatives decided I was his favorite grandchild, which is funny because my grandpa was always so gruff. I suppose he did give me a love for fixing things and how to use tools, how to drive a boat, and clean a fish. I miss him, but the real him if you know what I mean. The last couple times I went to see him he didn't remember me at all and I was the last person in the family he recognized, so that was hard. So I feel like wherever he is he's probably getting annoyed by my grandma and he's yelling right back at her. At least he's himself again. He was a WWII vet so he was buried at Fort Snelling cemetary, it was kinda cool, 21 gun salute (upon hearing Kai asked if there were fireworks-haha), and they folded the flag and gave it to my mom along with 3 shells. It was neat, I thought.
Anyway, the fam all left on Tuesday. It was fun, got Kai addicted to old school ninja turtles-woot.
So new years tonight should be fun, going out dancing with a few people. It seems like 2008 kinda flew past, I didn't even see it.

writing...... :

This is us walking.
Your lengthy sleeves float down over your fingers and I long to be held.
The dew is seeping through my socks, making this trek even colder.
Crunching through the leaves you turn, making sure I’m still here.
It is dusk now, and the red-orange glow is a nice light to walk by.
This is us seeing.
No the wind has blown hair into my face.
I keep this mask on as long as it will let me.
All so that you cannot see the uncertainly in my eyes.
You know, anyway, and say everything is alright.
This is us pretending.
Up the gnarled path, around the edge and stop.
And now we’ve put gloves on and hoods up.
My favorite season.
Wrapping a scarf around me, feel a tug and I jump.
Turn to see it was you pulling closer. “Watch the sun go away,” you say.
This is us being.

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