Wednesday, December 31, 2008

"This must be it, welcome to the New Year"

Thought I'd sneak one in before 2009.

So things have been moving along pretty fast. Christmas break feels like it just started but I'm going back to DSM the weekend of the 10th to hopefully work, but either way to not be at my gets boring after a while. So twin cities kids who want to hang out before then-lets do it.
On the 22nd my grandpa passed away. It was a strange feeling since he had Alzheimers for at least 5 years. My extended family all came into town the day after Christmas and we had the funeral on Monday. It was weird, and I felt kinda bad, but I was so much more sad at my grandpa's mass than I was at my grandma's this past spring. Apparently all my relatives decided I was his favorite grandchild, which is funny because my grandpa was always so gruff. I suppose he did give me a love for fixing things and how to use tools, how to drive a boat, and clean a fish. I miss him, but the real him if you know what I mean. The last couple times I went to see him he didn't remember me at all and I was the last person in the family he recognized, so that was hard. So I feel like wherever he is he's probably getting annoyed by my grandma and he's yelling right back at her. At least he's himself again. He was a WWII vet so he was buried at Fort Snelling cemetary, it was kinda cool, 21 gun salute (upon hearing Kai asked if there were fireworks-haha), and they folded the flag and gave it to my mom along with 3 shells. It was neat, I thought.
Anyway, the fam all left on Tuesday. It was fun, got Kai addicted to old school ninja turtles-woot.
So new years tonight should be fun, going out dancing with a few people. It seems like 2008 kinda flew past, I didn't even see it.

writing...... :

This is us walking.
Your lengthy sleeves float down over your fingers and I long to be held.
The dew is seeping through my socks, making this trek even colder.
Crunching through the leaves you turn, making sure I’m still here.
It is dusk now, and the red-orange glow is a nice light to walk by.
This is us seeing.
No the wind has blown hair into my face.
I keep this mask on as long as it will let me.
All so that you cannot see the uncertainly in my eyes.
You know, anyway, and say everything is alright.
This is us pretending.
Up the gnarled path, around the edge and stop.
And now we’ve put gloves on and hoods up.
My favorite season.
Wrapping a scarf around me, feel a tug and I jump.
Turn to see it was you pulling closer. “Watch the sun go away,” you say.
This is us being.

Thursday, November 27, 2008


So hey look at this, twice in a month!
Anyway happy turkey day...I hope everyone is nice and stuffed at this moment.
So, updates. Urinetown went fairly well. Yay that it's over though. Some Girl(s) is going up this coming week, which probably won't be too stressful considering there is next to no set.
Hopefully getting an SLR soon, have to decide for sure which one I want. Also in photo news, I'm excited for the Digital Photo/Art of the Narrative class next semester.
So right now I'm sitting at home, watching Disney movies with my sister. Exciting I know, but I'm also working on a paper that has taken me forever and a day for some reason. It is on Howl's Moving Castle. I actually love the movie but find the book less than thrilling, which is strange, usually I love the book more. If you haven't seen it I recommend it highly.
Also did my design for my make-up final. Woot, it's turning out a lot better than I thought it would. Perhaps I'll be ambitious and do my painting-style design too.
Last night we went to Wicked again. That was cool. I think I actually liked the cast as a whole better besides Fiyero. His voice was awkwardly high. Good actor...voice just didn't fit. Technically the show is amazing. I spent most of my time figuring out the lights haha and without realizing it. There were a lot fewer mic problems this time around which made me happy. It's nice to hear someone singing in their highest register without the mic making obscene sounds. Haha Mike would have loved it.

Anyways writing: this is from poetry class last semester, I think I did this while watching a movie or something, because I just found it and don't remember writing it...ha oh well the professor liked it.

20 Questions

As cruel as the color of the sky after a storm,
Across, across the open.
But the damp grass, freshly cut seems far and out of reach.
Your hands run through the dewy blades,
A blooming lotus finds its way to your touch
That same caressing touch,
Found in the tangled web of a lovers’ soft nest.
The solid bundle sits under the stairs,
Look up at the ceiling and see a collage of unsightly posters.
Understood your crass statement as affection,
And it only fanned the flame, sparks bouncing off the walls.
And you try, you go, you finally cry out “victory!” and it’s done.
The squawk you just exerted cut short.
I bit down, and licked the blood flowing down my lips,
My lips that are cracked like eggshells.
And you, still wanting, perhaps wondering,
and still chasing a playful, most willing, cloud.

Friday, November 7, 2008

"The world is spinning way too fast..."

Until this year I hadn't realized (or maybe it just wasn't a problem last year) that so many people in college are still acting like they are in high school. Or worse yet, pretending that because they on their own they've matured. Sometimes I feel like I'm older than some of the seniors, not to mention the people in my own class. I mean I like to have fun and act crazy, you know that, but there just comes a point where you use your own better judgment. Also this year, our theatre department has become a lot more rumor driven and caddy. Ugh. I'm glad I have friends outside the department.

Aaaaaand, done ranting.

So we're going into tech for Urinetown this weekend. Getting kinda stressed as assistant lighting designer seeing as every other day we have a problem with our dimmers or circuits, or the fun event on Halloween when the mover stopped working (its fixed now-yay). Also, loads of projects...which is annoying since they are in theatre classes and we have a show opening, but oh well. Having fun in stage make-up, looking like something new everyday.

Went to the show at UNI with mike & avery, The Hush Sound played first and were suprisingly good live, so that made me happy. The Spill Canvas, 4th time seeing them, grrreat as usual. I was glad they didn't just play catchy songs to entertain the general college population. Sadly Augustana was unable to play last minute since the lead singer got hurt. OneRepublic was the headliner, and honestly it's only lately that I've gotten into them. A-mazing live, very impressive. So all in all a fun experience, though the guys and I kept observing light and audio FX. Ha, don't put an audio guy and two electricians at a show and expect us to not find every little thing wrong and praise the things that look and sound great.

Just signed up for classes, and it's looking like a lot of work what with Sound Design, Intro to Design, and Seminar in Adv. Design Stage Properties/Special FX. Yikes. Not to mention 3 more classes.

Monday, October 20, 2008

back to the good old days

Today made me pretty happy. Got my hair cut...rather short actually. Ooo and I voted!
Besides doing laundry, the highlight of my day was that I got to sit outside and look at the leaves. This is my favorite season, I like to just stare up at the branches. I walked to a park by my house and actually finally wrote something. Hopefully I will edit them enough to put up here sometime. Sometimes, but only sometimes, I miss being home.
Going back to Drake tomorrow, but I think I'm going to have to draft all night long. Oh well, I will have my music to keep me company while drafting a lamppost with multiple views! Plus, sushi on Wednesday w/Mike & Matt I believe. Wooot.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

So far...

alright, so apparently I won't ever get the hang of this whole updating regularly thing. just deal.
So I'm back at my house now, and seriously not even an hour into being here, my mother has gotten mad at me. Do I know why? For once, no. You would assume that telling a parent that you have potential job opportunities for the summer pertaining to your major that they would be happy right? wrong. wrong. wrong.
Anyway, I don't want this to turn into a rant. So. These past couple weeks have been strange. My head is confused, which is lame, I like knowing what is going on at least within my own mind.
Also, I have been reminiscing about "home" but I've come to realize that all the good times I'm remembering are not with my parents or at my house. Which in a way is sad, but honestly it doesn't matter anymore. This weekend my plans are to spend most of my time with friends, and hopefully I'll see my grandma too.
Let's see, last weekend I went home with one of my roomies, Amanda, that was sweet, even though it was Wisconsin. We went to her house right outside Madison, then to Milwaukee for a day. I had fun, we watched trashy tv shows and actually acted a tad bit like girls for a while, until we freaked ourselves out.
Ooo also, we rearanged our living room in the apartment and added a futon. Freakin sweet.
Then this sorta short week got kinda weird, but got through it by working on papers, drafting, hanging lots of lights, and cooking last night with Mike & Avery. That was a good time. Plus I got to make cookies. Yay. Although now I think it's my turn for a backrub.
So tomorrow going to St. Cloud with Tyler to watch a Huskies game. Wooooot I love hockey. I'm still a little bitter about the fact that Drake doesn't have a team. Laaaaaaame.
I want to write something more entertaining than my real life, so hopefully this will be a productive writing time and fun fall break.

Sunday, September 14, 2008


aaaaand i have gotten terribly bad at adding things. cool.
it seems that things have gotten crazy a lot faster this year. i can't figure out if this is bad or if i enjoy the distraction it provides. but it is definitely a new year. loving living in drake west village. woot.
already had someone come visit, already went on a road mason city haha. It's all been really fun though, which i had almost assumed wouldn't happen this year.
somehow got roped into working on Exit the King....sound design, hmm...not gonna lie i really don't want to include that Hannah Montana song......bleh. luckily we're not far behind at all on this show....yet.
But the rest of the semester shouldn't be too bad. assistant lights for Urinetown, M.E. for Some Girl(s). Should be good.
Also, hoping to make a trip to Chicago soon....
Anyways, all this has prevented, or distracted me at least from writing, which is kind've upsetting me. I should get on that. Right after i do a shit ton of homework.

By the way, i wish i had a porch to sit and write on.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008


hmm so it's been a while. again.
I've decided that something is messed up with my computer. I don't like it. Not one bit. Normally i can figure out what's going on and it's not that big of a deal, but i have no clue this time. Help-anybody who knows a lot about Macs/Firefox?

Also frustrating: drake housing. Apparently we are living at 3 separate addresses this year...yep and a couple days ago we had no room number, but were somehow living on two different floors. But still, I'm excited to live somewhere that there is a kitchen and bathrooms and such.

Highlight of the week was warped on sunday. It was strange at first, it not being at the metrodome and all. but it was really cool actually, with the exception of say anything not being able to play. I was glad to see people from high school and drake in the same place. I love the feeling of comraderie, even when you haven't seen people in a long time. It was a good time all in all.

Things to do before I leave in about 15 days...
-at least one more bonfire
-eat my fill of non-campus food
-go to milwaukee
-state fair the first day, since i leave the next
-see as many people as possible

we'll see how that all that works out